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Spring flavoured Japanese potato chips

In Japan, there are a lot of seasonal flavoured snacks.
Potato chips are one of the attractive unique flavoured.

Left: Sweet salt Right: Honey cheese

This chips are sold until June 2016 for a limited time.


The texture is crispy and crumble… and melt in the mouth!!!
Never experienced texture!!!

The taste is also very unique because the potato itself has a sweetness.
Personally, I prefer sweet salt flavoured because of the perfect balance of salty and sweetness.

Actually, “Snowden”(American variety, registered in 1997 in Japan) is used for these chips.
Snowden is adequate for a long term storage. The potato intensifies the sweetness after the long term storage.

Japanese prefers sweet vegetables even potatoes.
So nowadays many people make an effort to store post harvest potatoes for a long period and experiment with potato sweetness storage.