Fusion of tradition and innovation -Fuki Farm

I visited Fuki Farm (婦木農場) which is located in Tamba, Hyogo prefecture.

Tamba is located in the East part of Hyogo prefecture, which is known since ancient times. In the 4-5 centuries, several ancient burial mounds were constructed.

According to their records, Fuki Farm was also started a long time ago by their ancestor.

Nowadays, they grow rice, wheat, beans, more than 130 vegetables in 8ha, in addition, care of jersey milk cows and 150 hen.


Their feed is mainly grass harvested in the community. The community has a common organic manure facility in order to collect and use the manure in the community.

Mostly, they sell products to their client directly.
Additionally, they make rice cake and rice malt and etc…

Their vision is “To offer harvested products of which my family can take a big bite”


In 2013, the facility for agricultural experience was open.
You can stay and work with them together! Of course, the food is delicious and fresh!

I had never had such as sweet and tasty carrot, tasty rice cake and flavoured egg!
Besides eating, we spent an enjoyable time with the farmers.

It might be quite difficult to eat authenticJapanese homemade meal in a city.

Grand parents, parents and two sons are working on the farm.
Everyone has their own profession and responsibility, and facing a new challenge, for instance, the oldest son started making cheese “St.marcellin” since 2016.

Recently, a lack of successor is a big problem in Japanese agricultural sector, but the young and promising sons seem to be a proud of their work and the responsibility.
I highly recommend to visit the farm!


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